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Around My French Table: Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake

Don’t you just love saying “Marie Helene” with a heavy French accent?  It’s almost as good as “bouche de noel,” or “”mise en place” or “recherche du temps perdue.” This is such a simple, satisfying and forgiving dish.  You can … Continue reading

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Around My French Table: Cafe Salle Pleyel Hamburgers

As you may recall, hamburgers are one of the very few things I need to be happy.  And I typically don’t like “fancy” burgers. I suspect it must be powerfully tempting to mess with the basics, especially if you’re a restaurateur … Continue reading

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Off Topic: Carrot Cake

  One of my co-workers loves carrot cake and in the interest of promoting a collegial work environment and getting my requests expedited at all times, I made him one for his birthday today. I have a good carrot cake … Continue reading

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Off Topic: Cupcakes

Sadly, these all went right out the door, as often happens at my house (it’s a sad place sometimes, what with only a lingering whiff and a sprinkle or two to document the estwhile presence of baked goods). These were sacrificed for a good cause: the Student … Continue reading

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Around My French Table: Hachis Parmentier

Every now and then you find a recipe that speaks to you on an entirely different level.  A recipe that you think about long after you’ve eaten it. A recipe that, should it transmorgify into human form, would give your … Continue reading

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