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Grateful for the Cooking of Others

Some of you know that my husband, Charles Gerlach, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bike race on October 1st when he collided with another cyclist (wearing his helmet as he always does). He was rushed to a nearby … Continue reading

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Come See Me in Person – I’m Real!

You might have thought Kate Cooks the Books was just a clever algorithm and a Heidi Klum-replica robot created by a team of MIT students and run out of an off-shore media lab in the Caspian Sea.  Or maybe you thought that … Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Cookbooks

I’ve been looking at lots of soon-to-be-released cookbooks and here are the one that are making me hungry (why do I always do this before lunch???): As I may have mentioned one or two or 50 times, Cook’s Illustrated taught … Continue reading

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For starters I made some crostini with chopped up artichoke hearts (canned) and parmesan… And guess what? My mom made deviled eggs (yes, that mom. And you said she couldn’t cook, shame on you!). We had a lovely grill-roasted pork … Continue reading

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Come see me at the Lake Forest Book Store!

Yep, I will be LIVE, in person, at the Lake Forest Book Store talking about some of my favorite cookbooks and recipes and answering your (not too difficult, please!) questions!  (Wouldn’t it be funny if I turned out to be … Continue reading

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