Off Topic: Chicken Adobo

Aka, Revenge of the Dark Meat.

The bad thing about a small family is that each member sometimes has too much power. In our little family of three, it only takes one person to be the tie-breaker at any time. When it comes to food that is meat-related, there are only two of us deciders so one person’s dislike can banish a dish forever.

Such is the fate of poor Chicken Adobo.

I just about incinerated my husband with this dish. I haven’t seen him pant and sweat so much since he was in labor. Oh wait, that was me.

He has a fairly low tolerance for spicy food to begin with, although, as I’ve mentioned, he loves Mexican and Thai food. But this was too much. All the heat comes from chipotle chilies in adobo, which I use often, but I think I may have slightly exceeded the 3 tablespoons called for and their heat was not dampened by much else in the sauce.

Even as I cooked the dish the chilies set off sneezing fits in both my daughter and me. And she was several feet away in the dining room, protected by a large stringed instrument. Nay, even the mighty cello could offer no protection from the relentless heat of these chilies.

Aside from the assassination chipotles, how was the dish, you ask? I liked it. It’s got some bizzaro ingredients like molasses and espresso powder, as well as tomatoes and onion. I think if you cut the chilies down by half, and really like spicy food, you would enjoy it.

See for yourself, if you dare!

Chicken Adobo from Cook’s Country, December 2010.

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