Remember me?

Remember when I used to cook recipes from cookbooks and write about them?  Those were good times.  Wait, why did I stop doing that?


Much has happened since I last posted.  Most of it not food-related but I DID actually go to Jerusalem!  And eat!  Fun!



Everything behind me is made out of hummus.  True story.

Everything behind me is made out of hummus. True story.


I also moved and you may well ask “good for you Kate but how does this affect me?” Well, hungry readers, I found a beautiful apartment that required me to make one very important culinary sacrifice: an electric stove.  It’s a big deal.  I can’t even look at the gas ranges at the appliance stores (where I spend a lot of time these days).  It’s that bad.


Making lemon curd out of lemons…I did learn that the technology of electric ranges has moved on despite my paying zero attention to it.   The state of the art is now a thing called “induction” and, while it won’t produce a satisfying and familiar little flame under my pots and pans, it claims to be as close to gas as humanly possible.  At the very least it is a huge improvement over the electric stoves I remember with the scary swirls that heat up to Mars temperature, smoke and smell like everything that’s ever been spilled on them.  Apparently induction has been around for a while and is popular in Europe and commercial kitchens (two places I’m mad about).  So I bought myself a brand new shiny one and it’s helping me look at Dacor ads without so much weeping.


How does it work?  Who cares, honestly.  My mind wanders when I start reading about ferromagnetic materials and alternating electric currents.  I only care about performance and results and they claim to be fast, agile, highly-controllable heat under my beloved All-Clad (which yes, works with induction).  The standard measure seems to be how fast it boils water which is interesting but I have yet to have a water-boiling emergency so it’s not a selling point for me.


I will not find out personally, however, for several weeks.  Turns out buying a new stove does not automatically renovate a kitchen from 1963.  Who knew?


In addition to moving, I experienced an unfortunate WordPress software update that wreaked havoc on my poor little blog, capriciously erasing many of my photos, the year 2012 (see, look over at the “archives” on the right, it’s just not there!), and just generally making my site disfunctional to the point where I hired a web master to save me (say hi to Suzi from Gulf Coast WebNet everyone!).


But I’m back now, have a pile of tantalizing new cookbooks and a lot of pent up cooking energy.  Let’s go!


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