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Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen: Kate’s Sweet Potato Refrigerator Rolls

How could I not make something with my name literally written all over it.   These rolls were such a huge hit at my house.  The recipe makes quite a few so we froze some but even those did not … Continue reading

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Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen: Salt and Pepper Skillet Cornbread

I love this cornbread.  I love that Miss Sara acknowledges that, although it is near blasephemy in the South, she thinks adding a touch of sugar to cornbread is a good thing.  I love that the coarse salt and pepper are … Continue reading

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Off Topic: Croissants

  Raise your hand if you think croissants are hard to make.  Wow, that’s a lot of hands. And last week, I would have been right there with you.   But guess what? They’re not! Yay, now we can have … Continue reading

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Ad Hoc at Home: Brioche

I forgot for a moment that I am now a food blogger and did not take a picture of the completed brioche so please accept these prep shots in its place. I made brioche a few years ago as part … Continue reading

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