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Creamy Pappardelle with Leeks and Bacon

Oh just go make it, you know you want to. It’s from the February 2013 Bon Appetit and right here on Epicurious. What are you waiting for?

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Girl in the Kitchen: Asparagus Linguine with Almond Butter Crisp

This would be a fairly straightforward pasta dish — asparagus, baby arugula and olive oil — before you add the almond butter crisp.  And please, take a moment to fully absorb that that concept: Almond.  Butter.  Crisp.  It’s nuts and … Continue reading

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Girl in the Kitchen: Pork and Apple Ragu with Parparadelle

One thing I’m learning very quickly about our friend Miss Stephanie Izard is that she is not about the 30-minute meal.  Like most professional chefs, she loves the kitchen and gets paid to be in it all day and kind … Continue reading

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The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: “The Only Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Need”

This was a perfectly delicious tomato sauce but if I had to pick one to call “the only tomato sauce” I’ll ever need it will not be this one.  That honor goes to Marcella Hazan’s brilliant sauce which is simply … Continue reading

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Potato Gnocchi

I need to buy a ricer.  Because I hate my food mill and I am going to want to make gnocchi more often. This is from the September/October issue of Cook’s Illustrated.  I did not use one of the yummy-sounding … Continue reading

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