The Next Book: My Paris Kitchen

My Paris Kitchen


David Lebovitz is one of my favorite bloggers and if you are planning your first or twenty-first trip to Paris you should check it out because is the perfect guide.  He has lived in Paris for many years and yet he is an American, so he knows what will confound and confuse his compatriots (I still don’t get how you order in a sidewalk cafe.  Place your order at the counter?  Then sit down?  But the waiter brings it?  How do you tip for this kind of screwy arrangement???  Did you also know that if you attempt to pay with anything other than exact change in a supermarket you will be guillotined?  Well, figuratively guillotined.  They will guillotine you with their eyes). (Add him to your Facebook feed too — you won’t be sorry). Before he was a blogger though he was a serious chef with serious credentials: 13 years at Chez Panisse and many successful cookbooks including The Sweet Life in Paris and The Perfect Scoop.


In this book David says he wanted to “highlight its [Paris'] diversity through visits to some of the ethnic neighborhoods, presenting some of the multicultural recipes I picked up there, which Parisians have embraced.”  So yes, the classics are well represented – Cassoulet, Steak Frites, Coq au Vin – but so are the contemporary flavors of Paris – Tabbouleh, Dukkah, and Smoky Barbeque-Style Pork.





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